HarmonyOS came out and captured the world

For more than two years now, the Chinese corporation Huawei has been creating its proprietary Linux kernel operating system, and it will allow this electronics manufacturer to create and market smartphones and tablets based on its proprietary platform called HarmonyOS, not Android. Perhaps the Chinese corporation would never have taken such a step if it had not been for the American sanctions imposed against it, in connection with which it is now forbidden to deal with any companies from the United States. Nevertheless, the brand from China is convinced that it will succeed in capturing the world using the new platform, and this will happen in 2020, that is, it will not take long to wait for this event itself.

According to the reputable resource GizmoChina, analysts are convinced that already in the next 2020, the HarmonyOS operating system for smartphones will occupy 2% of the total market share among all platforms for electronics. Due to this, it will be the fifth largest, which means it will be able to get around the prevalence of Linux. In addition, by the end of next year, the share of this platform in the domestic market of China will be as much as 5%, that is, every twentieth smartphone in the market within this country will work on the basis of this platform, and not any other. All this suggests that the latest OS will be able to capture the world extremely quickly, and for this to happen, it should be out at the beginning of the year.

Thus, users will be able to download HarmonyOS at the beginning of 2020, insiders are sure. Only in this way can this platform quickly gain popularity both in the international market and in China. Currently, Android’s share of the operating system market is 39%, Windows is 35%, iOS is 14%, macOS is 6%, and Linux is less than 1%. If everything goes according to the plan of Huawei, then in one year it will be possible to say with full confidence that the new operating system managed to find itself locally on the market, and people generally have a desire to buy smartphones under their control. All of this is now believed with great difficulty, because until now a fully new public OS has not been shown.

In this regard, no one yet knows exactly how it will look, and what features it will offer. Android and iOS had more than ten years left to gain wide popularity among users, as well as receive hundreds of updates. The new HarmonyOS will not have all of this, that is, it will have to be as advanced as possible in all respects from the moment of release, since its creators will not have ten years to finalize. It is also already reliably known that Google for this Chinese platform will not release its proprietary services, which means that users of this kind will not be able to use YouTube, Chrome and many other currently popular applications.

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