Sony will add its 3D imaging technologies to microscopes

Sony may have become a terrible smartphone maker, but its image processing technology is often considered unsurpassed. This kind of high-quality imaging is just what the medical equipment industry needs. It will be able to accurately visualize the patient’s body externally and internally. And most importantly – with a minimally invasive procedure or discomfort for humans.

Sony may have sensors, but it certainly has no experience in manufacturing medical equipment. To do this, the company, jointly with Olympus, has created a joint venture with Sony Olympus Medical Solutions. It will work on developing two systems that will help physicians and healthcare providers gain a clear understanding of the patient’s body parts.

For example, the surgical endoscope uses Sony’s 4K imaging technology to reduce noise interference in dark areas such as the throat or human digestive system. On the other hand, the Surgical 3D Microscope system produces a more natural 3K image in 4K. For example, the human brain, using compact systems that reduce the burden on both the doctor and the patient.

In both cases, Sony’s experience in wide color reproduction and low latency video codec (LLVC) transmission allows you to get the high quality images or videos you expect from professional language equipment. Except when used for life-saving appliances.

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